SSIS Tutorial Part 18 - How to Load Multiple Excel Sheets to a SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

In this video post you will learn How to Load Multiple Excel Sheets from a single Excel file to a SQL Server Table.
This scenario can be used when you often get data on multiple sheets in an Excel file. The structure of columns is same on each sheet but data can be different.

The number of sheets can be deleted or added to the file as long as the new sheet follow the same column structure.

In this video you will learn following Items

  1. How to use Foreach Loop Container with "Foreach ADO.NET Schema Rowset"
  2. How to load Data from Excel Sheet to SQL Server Table
  3. How to use Data Conversion Transformation in ssis Package to Convert Excel Data to Destination Table data Type
  4. How to use Variables in SSIS Package to generate Dynamic Connection Manager
  5. How to use Data Flow Task in SSIS Package


  1. Hi ,Can you please make a video of ssis deployment to Different Environements

  2. Hi, I nice explanation but the length of video is more if it possible pls decrease the video size