Edit Table Rows / Records in SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS) - SQL Server Tutorial / TSQL Tutorial Part 18


I know that we can write update statements to update records in a table in SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS), Is there a way to update record visually?


Yes, SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) let you update records by using Visual Editor. To update value in a table , follow below steps.

Step 1: 
Right click on table and then go to Edit Top 200 rows as shown below.
How to visual Edit Rows in SSMS - SQL Server Tutorial

Step 2:
Go ahead and make changes to the records as you like. I changed first name from M to Mohammed. Once done, you can close the windows and changes will be saved. If you would like to insert new record, go to last line and type all the required values.
Visual Edit or Insert Records/Rows in SSMS - SQL Server Tutorial Step by Step


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